Fashionable gloves that work flawlessly with touchscreen devices

Mobile phones and smart devices are becoming indispensable in our busy lives, and most of them use integrated capacitive touch screens that cannot be operated by ordinary gloves. The high-quality OX touchscreen gloves are made from a special silver-coated OX yarn with 99.8 % conductivity that enables uninterrupted use of all touchscreen devices.

Silver for 99,8% conductivity

One of the key elements of the special OX thread that is sewn into the entire surface of the gloves is silver – the most conductive metal in the periodic system of elements. The silver in the glove enables undisturbed charge conductivity between the finger and screen, enhances the thermal qualities of the fabric itself, and also carries antimicrobial qualities which help keep your hands and fingers clean.

Never miss an important call

We have all faced the problem of trying to answer our phone during winter while wearing gloves, and text messaging was made virtually impossible.

We are proud to present a product that takes care of those problems completely.

The intuitive design of the OX gloves make them fit perfectly on every hand. During the unparalleled user experience on all mobile devices you will soon forget about ever putting the gloves on in the first place, making cold fingers and freezing hands a thing of the past. Meet your new favorite fashion accessory of the upcoming winter, and forget about apologizing for
missed calls.

Fashion meets comfort and functionality

The market today offers an array of gloves that enable use with touchscreens, but sadly most of those products are not a pretty sight to behold. Plugs and visible conductive patches at fingertips definitely ruin appearances, as well as present problems with screen responsiveness, effectively ruining the overall purpose of the glove itself.

No compromises were made during the design of the OX touchscreen gloves. Beside their flawless track record we focused on achieving a mainly clean, sophisticated and modern appearance of the product. The fabric consists of Italian high-quality spun yarn Cipria®, renowned for its unrivaled softness, warmth and pleasantness of touch, while also complying with the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. The special OX thread is sewn into the entire surface of the product, which enables use with every single part of the glove.

The product is branded on the packaging only, the refined and discrete look is our priority.

Ten-finger typing,
multi-touch gestures

On the basis of thorough testing of different types of OX threads we have selected one that ensures the best responsiveness when using all kinds of touchscreens.

The effectiveness of the configuration of the OX yarn reflects especially in multi-touch handling, where the synchronous multi-finger gestures are comprehensively supported.

The OX gloves are compatible with all capacitive or resistive touchscreens – devices like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung mobiles and pads, Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson and many others.
They even function on your GPS device.

Manufactured in Europe

The OX touchscreen gloves and OX yarn, which are the basic and most important part of the product, are an innovation of a Slovene company Jakopina d.o.o. that has been present in the textile industry for well over 90 years, and guarantees high-quality products for numerous partners throughout Europe. Behind every product is a team of experts in the field of textile that have devoted all their time to the development, improvements and assurance of quality. The key processes of the manufacturing are done by hand. There is no room for error.
From beneath the Alps, with love for our products.

Two unisex models to choose from

The OX touchscreen gloves are the first of their kind in the world available in a completely black color, without the trace of the conductive thread. The technology that allows for such manufacturing is patent-pending.
Always fashionable, stylishly timeless.
The most popular choice.
Pearl black
Pearls in your hands.
Popular especially with the ladies.

A little something that
keeps you warm.

The OX touchscreen gloves are more than an appropriate gift for all occasions. That's why they're also optionally available in premium selected gift packaging.

Make those close to you happy with a high-tech product they will love to use on a daily basis.
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